Biogen is committed to bringing novel therapies to market, focusing on hard-to-treat disease areas with significant unmet medical needs. But, we realize the challenges of taking on this task are bigger than any one company.

That creates a critical need for collaboration and finding the right partners between research institutions, the public and private sectors, and across industries.

Biogen not only provides funding to leading research institutions, but our researchers work with them hand in hand to further understand the underlying causes and potential treatments for complex diseases. This unique approach ensures a diversity of ideas, perspectives and data to tackle challenges that one company might not be able to solve on its own.

While our own research teams are making significant scientific advancements in-house, we recognize that no one has a monopoly on innovation. That creates a critical need for collaboration and finding the right partners to advance new ideas, modalities and thinking to create new therapies for patients. We highly value the insights and expertise of other companies and academic laboratories and believe that they are necessary to complement our internal skills and knowledge. At our core, we know that by bringing together many different disciplines to tackle complex challenges we can advance medicine more rapidly and effectively.

Successful collaborations are built on a foundation of mutual respect, aligned interests and a goal of improving the lives of people with serious diseases. We work to structure collaborations so they benefit all parties — and we look to work with organizations at all stages in the development process.