Biogen’s commitment to improving the lives of patients guides every aspect of our manufacturing operations. We take our responsibility of making and delivering quality medicine very seriously. We have been successfully manufacturing large molecule therapies for over two decades. In recent years we have extended our expertise into the production of small molecule therapies and have fully integrated an oral solid dose facility into our manufacturing infrastructure.

We attribute our success to excellence in several key areas. Our process development team continually advances our understanding of the biology and the process technology that are both critical to improving our capabilities and output. Our advanced engineering teams ensure that our manufacturing plants are state of the art with cutting-edge technologies to meet demand for our existing therapies, clinical trials and opportunities in biosimilars. Our world-class manufacturing teams are the key to efficient and reliable operation of these assets. Thorough business continuity planning provides redundancy on a global level to ensure product availability. In addition, these teams create systems that minimize our impact on the environment by limiting waste and using resources efficiently.

Our quality team manages compliance and supervises consistent and dependable production of our therapies, while our supply chain group makes sure that we are able to get our therapies to patients, when and where they need them. The combination of these skills and focuses enable us to manufacture and supply medicines to patients in more than 90 countries.

In the coming years we expect to substantially increase our production capabilities by focusing on innovation that allows us to scale in advance of new pipeline products. Today we can rapidly increase production of small molecules and biologics, providing flexibility and protection to our supply chain.

Environmental Impact

Our impact on the environment factors significantly in how we view our mission to improve the lives of patients and operate as a responsible and sustainable company. We carefully manage the way we use resources, striving to reduce, mitigate and, in the case of carbon emissions, neutralize our footprint wherever possible.